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Speech Therapy

Arranging your first session.  Following the initial meeting with the manager/director and the background developmental/medical history has been taken, we will arrange an initial free screening with the Speech and Language Therapist. Speech Therapy is available in English and Arabic.


It would be beneficial for the parents or primary care-giver to attend the screening/initial session. This is a good way for the therapist to observe your child’s way of communicating and play skills with a familiar person.  Having a familiar person in the initial SLT session will ensure the child is comfortable in the new environment and will allow the therapist to obtain all necessary information on their communication development. Having your child relaxed and secure is our aim.

Depending on the age and communication skills of your child, the therapist will follow the initial meeting with either formal or informal assessment. Sessions are play based and are made interactive and fun for the children.

What is Speech Therapy?

Speech-language therapy is a profession that focuses on preventing, assessing, diagnosing, and treating speech, language, social communication, cognitive communication, feeding, voice and swallowing disorders in children and adults with neurotically development or individuals with special needs.

At an early age, speech-language therapy focuses on the development of early communication skills, attention, comprehension and play skills. However, on a later stage the focus becomes more on complex skills like grammar, sentence formation, clarity of speech, reading and writing skills.

Before starting therapy, a speech and language therapist conducts different standardized and non-standardized evaluations to gain detailed information about child’s strengths and weaknesses, then an SLT builds a comprehensive treatment plan that targets areas in need of development according to child’s chronological and cognitive age.

During speech therapy sessions with children, a speech therapist interacts with children through talking, playing, using books, pictures, or toys to stimulate and modify the environment to be convenient for child’s language elicitation. In addition to that, a speech therapist uses evidence-based manoeuvres and techniques to assist your child according to his stage of development. A speech therapist also helps children and adolescents who communicate using alternative augmentative devices. As well as the direct support to the individual, a speech-language therapist also helps with guiding, educating, and supporting parents and care givers of children with speech and language difficulties to ensure an effective follow up in other settings the child interacts with.

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Reach Out is a specialist Child development centre based in JLT Dubai. We established in 2008 to provide therapy services to children and adolescents with Autism and developmental delays.

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Welcome to ReachOut

Reach Out is a specialist Child development centre based in JLT Dubai. We established in 2008 to provide therapy services to children and adolescents with Autism and developmental delays. We provide a safe and nurturing environment and work passionately with all of our children and support families on their therapy journey. We provide support to parents and families and advice how to continue the learning goals in the home and community.

 Reach Out professionals work closely with the child’s educational setting and ensure a collaborative approach to learning. Beginning a therapy program for your child as a family, can be daunting and emotional. Our team will support you every step of the way. Detailed feedback is given daily to parents and you have a communication diary to keep track of the sessions and progress of your child. Communication and collaboration is the key to having a successful program for your child.

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