Learning Support Assistants support the integration of the student in to the classroom setting and provide the required level of support to ensure successful inclusion into the mainstream setting. We have a team of high quality LSAs (shadow teachers), who are supervised by BCBAs.

Examples of the roles and responsibilities of the LSA:

  • Assist in increasing the child’s independence skills.
  • Provides suitable levels of reinforcement.
  • Follows behaviour/individual education plans
  • Implements data collection systems
  • Appropriately manages challenging behaviour
  • Encourages appropriate classroom behaviour
  • Works to improve the child’s attending and listening skills
  • Works on the child’s social skills, peer interaction and communication
  • The LSA modifies tasks that the child finds challenging
  • Works closely with the teacher
  • Works on the child’s strengths as well as supporting the areas of need
  • Fades out assistance as the child becomes more independent

All shadows are qualified Registered Behaviour Technicians (RBTs).